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An Angel Came to Us

My mother and I had to drive to New Orleans East today, to go to my doctor. It is about an hour and a half from our home. As we were leaving the Dr.s office, our front tire blew out. We eased it to the parking lot, and We got out the jack and prepared to put the little “donut” tire on. We tried to work the jack, but it was one of those modern ones that neither my mother nor I had learned how to use. Two or three men walked by us, and several people drove by. We were afraid, not only because of being in the city and not knowing anybody to help, but because we couldn’t figure out what to do with the jack, and we didn’t know who to call or how much it would cost. We just both breathed a prayer, not even a prayer, just a sort of desperate, God, please help, God, please.

I tell you, an angel came to us. A man came, smiled at us, and asked could he help us. He explained that he had seen us, and had backed up his car and parked so that he could come help us. As he changed the tire, this man, named Frank, explained to us what he was doing, and showed us step by step, so that we would know what to do if we ever got into that situation again. (He also told me why we weren’t able to change the tire, we had the jack upside down!)

After he helped us, he told us that he would follow us up to Midas, where we could get help with a tire. He even asked if we had money to get the tire fixed, or to get another tire – I know if we had said no, he would have helped us. As he used his crutches to get back to his car, (yes, he was a disabled individual, minus one of his legs, and having to use crutches to get around) I told him thank you, and that he never knew how much we appreciated what he did for us. He just smiled and said,” You never know, we might meet again someday and you might help me!”

I would just like to ask all of you to join me in a prayer to thank God for Mr. Frank, and to ask a special blessing for him. This really makes me know that God sends his angels to help us.

Lirette-McAllister Bunch  (Received on Thursday October 4, 2001)