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Belle, the Tonkinese Cat

I asked all of you to pray for my little Tonkinese cat, “Belle”. I have had her 16 years and she is so very special to me.

One night she couldn’t breathe and my husband and I took her to the emergency pet hospital in Dayton, Ohio. She had an enlarged heart, fluid on her lungs, and a lump in her throat – possibly due to a thyroid condition. The vets gave her oxygen, blood pressure medicine to stop her racing heart and a water pill to get rid of the fluid in her lungs.

They told us it was imperative we take her to her regular vet within two days. We had to give her half a baby aspirin to prevent blood clots.

When we came home, I went to the different prayer groups on the internet (including your prayer group) for prayer for little “Belle”. I have ALWAYS BELIEVED in the POWER OF PRAYER!

Thursday morning, our regular vet checked little “Belle” and PRAISE THE LORD – her lump in her throat was gone, her lungs didn’t have fluid, her heart murmur was gone. He took a blood sample to be sent off and checked to see if she has a thyroid condition; which he feels can be controlled with a pill. I am TRUSTING and EXPECTING a GOOD REPORT when the blood work comes back.

Little “Belle is starting to eat again and I know she is still not feeling completely well yet; but, I KNOW she has been TOUCHED BY OUR HEALING MASTER’S HANDS! I LOVE YOU JESUS – I PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME for what you have done for “Belle” and for saving my soul (I am so unworthy).

God loves the birds and animals and always tries to take care of them – how much MORE he loves and wants to take care of us -IF ONLY WE ASK HIM AND BELIEVE AND TRUST HIM!

Thanks to all of the prayer warriors for your prayers. The good Lord listened!

Love & Blessings to all of you!” Janet Sue , July 1999.