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Hit While Riding a Bike

Thank you Lord and I thank all of you for your many prayers that ascended to heaven on behalf of my brother John.

I would like to update you on John’s progress.

To refresh your memories – John was involved in a near fatal accident, whilst riding his bicycle he was hit by a car traveling at 50 miles a hour. He sustained very serious multiple injuries, he has had 2 brain operations as well as operations for his other injuries. John also endured 3 very serious infections as a result of his injuries, 2 were in his brain. Because of his infections John was put into an isolation room for about 5 weeks.

Present situation – Praise God and to Him be all the Glory ! John is now at home, the surgeon recently told John that it is remarkable that he is alive. Apparently the medical team had given him only a 10% chance of survival and then they would have expected him to have been severely brain damaged. John still has a part of his scull ( about 10cm squared) missing, this was to allow the brain room to expand.

John has to have another operation to replace his scull in the next few months, because of the injury to a specific part of the brain John sometimes finds it difficult to ‘get his words out’ . John also has a dislocated scapula which may require surgery, he also has a metal plate in his leg and at times he is in a lot of pain.

Prayer Request – Please continue to pray for John, John told me on Sunday that he knows the only reason why he is alive today is because so many people had prayed for him. John is so grateful and thankful to all who have prayed for him.

John’s Testimony – John has also said that he wants to give his life to God, he said that the accident happened for a reason and it has caused his him to turn his life around.

When John talks about God there are big tears in his eyes, prior to his accident he was like a lost soul, but now he has hope. He said to me ‘ I have such a story to tell, I want to tell everyone that nothing is impossible for God, if he can save me he can save anyone’ ( John had quite a reputation in the community ).

It would be most encouraging if you would like to drop me a line, to let me know your praying for him.

God bless you all,

Janet Hamilton (Received on Tuesday November 21, 2000)