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In a Quandary About the Loss of Mickey and What to Do?

I have a sister Judy who is single with no children of her own.

Well, not Human children! My sister had a dog that was her life. He was everything to her. He was a white small poodle named Mickey. Judy would shudder thinking of the time when Mickey’s life would come to an end. In fact she would say, “I hope we go together or I go first”. The thought of life without him was a horrible thought.I could not understand this feeling until I had my own children. Although Mickey wasn’t “human” he was her child.

Thank goodness I didn’t have children too early or I think we would have been comparing our children!!! Dog training courses did seem to make Mickey behave better then most young children and I don’t think her trainer works with children (laughing). Sadly the day came where Mickey was getting older and as all creatures became ill to the point the veterinarian could do no more for him. My sister held him in her arms while they euthanized him. As any animal lover knows, this was a tough time for her to get through.

I had asked her if the idea of getting another dog would help her fill the void right away. She said “no”. Judy was really feeling alone without him. I know when you lose something/someone , it can’t be replaced but I thought it may help as it was clear that dogs were so much part of her life .

I felt my sister’s pain over the next few days. I kept in mind her answer, “NO I DON”T WANT ANOTHER DOG, NOTHING COULD REPLACE MICKEY”. Yet something kept pressing on me to “do something” but what? I immediately remembered a friend of mine who breeds dogs and was thinking of getting rid of one of her younger Yorkshire Terrier dogs as the dog could not be used for breeding anymore. At this time my guess was she already had found a home for this dog. But for some reason, I was feeling like I needed to call her. Was I trying to be a “control freak?”

Why was I calling my friend. We all know my sister has only had poodles and she told me loud and clear, “NOT NOW I CANT REPLACE MICKEY?”

I reached my friend by phone and asked her about her dog. “Yes”, she was still wanting to look for a good home for her dog but hadn’t gotten around to really press the situation.

I told her about my sister and she said, “well, if she would like her dog she was willing to sell it at this time and she knew going to Judy it was going to a good home. I said, “I would ask my sister”. WAS I CRAZY?… I am the younger sister and she told me clear enough , “no replacement”.

I hadn’t talked to her for two days , as I knew she needed space.

I called her up and told her about my friends dog and that she is looking to find it a good home. What did she think about getting this dog.

Her response is not what I thought it would be. I did have the phone a few inches from my ear in case she yelled and said, “leave me alone, I told you how I felt!!”. Instead I was completely surprised with her reply. Her reply was,.. “Thank you Lord!” .. I said “what?” Apparently she was vacuuming and feeling so alone and crying. She said a prayer to God basically saying “Lord if you feel I should have another dog, I leave this in your hands, however I am not coping so well alone with out one and yet I feel that getting another dog would be like trying to replace Mickey too soon, However I’ll let you decide what is right for me.”

After her prayer it wasn’t long that I called her. Was this divine intervention?…….. Judy just didn’t get a call from me , she was really getting an answer from God.

Amazing how the Lord uses people or things to get his word across!!

The next day my sister and I were at my friends home. Judy fell in love with the little Yorkie. It wasn’t Mickey nor would it ever be but she was adorable. In the next days Judy was preparing to have her new dog arrive to live with her. The day arrived and Judy had a new love in her life and “Shelby” had a loving home. Today Judy still has Shelby. Judy calls her “The Princess!!!”, The unfortunate part of this all is, I now have children and Judy compares Shelby to my children!!!!!!!

I wonder if she has that phone number to that dog trainer? (only kidding)

Talk about an answer to Prayer!

Today Judy remembers Mickey fondly and adores Shelby as well. Judy also has opened her home to “homeless” small breed dogs. Judy is a foster parent with the “Small Dog Rescue”. Judy will take in dogs who for what ever reason have been abandoned and her organization she is in works to find a proper and loving home for the animal instead of them being euthanized.

If you are looking for a pet please go to Maybe your Prayer will be answered too!

Thank you and may you look for the way the Lord is working in your life as well.

Bethanne Cowles