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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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“David brought Moltar home in 1998. He was very sick and loaded with fleas. The first thing I did was give him a bath in the kitchen sink. The water was red with flea dirt! The next day he went to the vet. The vet told us he was anemic, (the fleas were so bad they had drained a lot of blood from his tiny body) and he had distemper. The good news was if we hadn’t washed the fleas off him he would’ve been dead by morning.

After a few months of different drug therapies, Mo was not getting better. David had become very close to Mo and didn’t want to give up. The vet didn’t give us much hope. Not knowing what else to do I went to Moltar, (I don’t remember if I put my hands on him or not) and prayed over him. I asked God to heal him and make him whole.

As time went by Mo got better than sick, back and forth, BUT, this was good. Before he didn’t get to the better part!!! After 6-7 months and lots of vet bills, Moltar became a strong healthy kitty cat. At this time we adopted another kitty. Her name is Buttercup. As Mo had distemper it was in the house and she became sick too but she out grew it. She too is healthy.

In September of 1999 Moltar was outside when it was time to go to work and didn’t want to come in so we left him out. When we came home he was not around. We did all the things you do when your pet is missing, calls, talked to people, walked up and down the roads, in the woods, went to the shelter often to check. Nowhere could he be found.

After several weeks David felt he was dead and gone. I then went to God in prayer. (I Know, I should have done so in the beginning). I asked our Father to bring Moltar home healthy and safe. I left it with God.

November 11,1999 I heard a small knocking on the front door. I opened the door and a emaciated tabby cat ran in!!!!!!! I called to him, he looked at me. I picked him up, he purred. Moltar had come home!!! I looked him over, other than looking like fur pulled over bone he was PERFECT! No fight wounds, sickness, burs in his coat, ears were clean etc. God had answered our prayer for Moltar, AGAIN!!! We never found out where he was or what had happened while he was gone. Moltar never gave up on the those he loves.

To this day every night David’s not home with us Mo will walk around our home looking for him and crying out to his daddy. Moltar is our prayer kitty. He has given us unconditional love. A love I have only experienced from our God and in covenant with David in our God.

Unconditional love is not found much in ‘this world’. I’m so thankful I have a man that shares my love of God and freely gave to me his unconditional love. Something neither of us would have been able to give if God hadn’t first given to us through Jesus Christ. Unconditional love is, an unconditional, freely, without condition and completely unselfish gift from God. Before you can give it, you first must receive it. Unconditional love demonstrates true self-sacrifice. This type of love is forever once given.

Unconditional love is fulfilling and rewarding. It brings joy to God when His children love one another in this way. It’s also sadness, pain, tears, heartache, and suffering.

Is there someone in your life that has given you the gift of unconditional love? Have you walked away? Is it your mate, companion, mother, father, sibling, God? Be assured, that loved one is praying with tears, sacrifices and heartache for you. Call out to God to rescue you. It’s not to late. He will answer you!”

Sheela (Send on Monday December 20th, 1999)