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Totalled Car


Guess what our Father did today?

My prayer request for Eric involved the car accident he was involved in 11 days ago on Sunday. We had scraped together all the money we could to buy him the best car we could so he could go to the University of Arizona and complete his degree in computer engineering. When he had the accident, I asked the Lord to please do what was best regarding the vehicle. We really were hoping that it could be fixed and be safe to drive again – but the Lord had other plans. We finally got word today that they had totalled the vehicle completely.

The insurance company told us we would be lucky to get half the value of the vehicle. We were completely devastated! We didn’t know what we were going to do. I told the Lord, “It’s out of my hands, all our money is invested in this new business we have started and I gave him the last dollars in my savings to buy this car, I don’t have any way to fix this for him, my heart is breaking, Father – fix this for your glory and as a witness to Eric (he is not as close to the Lord as he used to be) -it’s in your hands now.

When they only offered us half the value of the car, believe me when I tell you it would have not been enough to purchase anything even drivable. I prayed all day and asked you all to pray with me. When the Insurance Agent called back at 4:30, he offered my son a settlement of just $600.00 short of the value of the vehicle!!!!!! Praise the Lord! And the best part – my son said, “Mom, I know it was the Lord!” Praise the Lord! What a good God we serve!

Penny (Received on March 31, 2001)