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A Kid Sitter

Praise report! Thanks be to God first and foremost, and secondly to all of you for your prayers in regards to our child care dilemma. On Wednesday my neighbor told us that she had phoned her babysitter to ask if she would be interested in taking my kids along with hers. The response? “I’ll think about it!” Well, this didn’t sound overly encouraging to me, so on Thursday morning, when we hadn’t heard from the sitter, I again took it back to God. I asked Him if I needed to search further, or if I simply needed to “wait”.

Then I opened my Bible to where I had previously left off in my study: Mark 14:22: “Jesus took bread, gave thanks, and broke it, and gave it to His disciples, saying, “Take it . . .”” I instantly knew God was speaking to me, and not about the last supper either! He was speaking to me about child care! He was telling me to “take” the gift He had for me! A couple hours later at work, I received a call from my husband saying that the sitter had called, she was willing to take our kids, and she would come by on Friday to make all the arrangements final. Friends, not only did Jesus offer us the best Gift of all to take and eat, but He also has hundreds of blessings for us each day that He longs for us to “take” and “eat”! Reach out for those blessings, my friends! We serve an awesome God!

Lyn Chaffart (Received on September 1, 2001)