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Cancer Infitrating Everywhere

Got a great praise report – originally Nancy had a very grave diagnosis as the tests had shown the cancer had spread everywhere and that it had infiltrated her lymph nodes – they removed her breasts and she had to wait for the biopsy to come back on the nodes – the doctor called yesterday and she heard his voice and threw the phone to her husband and said please take this call.

He proceeded to tell her husband that they found not one cancer cell in her lymph glands and she is thanking God for a second chance for her children and she said to thank each one of you in praying and interceding on her behalf!

She asked her doctor “Do you believe in the power of prayer”?

He said “Not really!”

She said I will show you something and is printing out every prayer response and prayer offered for her and taking it into his office and showing him what prayer does and that God is in control and bigger than any prognosis or circumstance! Thanks again each one of you as it encouraged sooooo many people at this end!! God Bless You! (Received on September 20, 2000)