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Child’s Faith

I also want to share an encouraging story with you. Kary had a large “bump” on the top of his head since his biopsy surgery in December. The area where they burred a hole in the skull, left an open area that bulged with brain fluid under the skin. It was about the size of a half on tennis ball. On Friday, his younger brother, Kaelin, (he’s 2 1/2 years old) told us that he had to pray for Kary out of the blue. He said, “Dear Lord Jesus, Please take away Kary’s “bump” and please give him his hair back.” We didn’t think much of it. But, do you know, his “bump” was gone a couple hours later. The doctors told us that it would take about 6 months to heal! I have always had such faith in the power of prayer and this is just another awesome testimony! I really think kids prayers are more powerful than any other!! God is awesome!

Lisa (Received on Wednesday February 23)