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Daddy, Stop the Van!

I wanted to write and let you guys know how God has answered the prayers of my four year old daughter… I am so grateful to the Lord, for allowing her to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that God hears her prayers as small as she is.

We have a grown cat that has had four kittens, we were blessed enough to give one away, but have not given the rest away as of yet. Well, Friday night, as we were getting in the van to go to our Care groups, I was in the house getting a tape for Angelle’s children’s care group. She began to scream to the top of her lungs, “daddy, stop the van!” “Daddy, please stop the van!” He raced the motor again. I figured he was playing with her. She cam running in and said, “momma! Daddy won’t stop the van!” “the kitten!” I immediately ran to the front door, where a horrible site hit my eyes, one of those kittens was hung up under the bottom of the van, twisting and turning, blood everywhere.

Well, I screamed,” Lonnie, stop the van, the kitten!” He stopped the engine, and the kitten fell to the ground. He was bloody, to the point that Lonnie nor I figured this kitten was going to live. So, he went to the shop to get the shovel to put the animal out of his missery. I walked to the back of the house to let Angelle the 4 year old hold one of the other kittens. Lonnie came around the back of the house with the kitten in hand. Instead of killing the kitten, he washed the blood from his mouth and body, and placed the kitten in the bathroom of our old shed, where it would be safe.

On our way to our care group, Angelle asked her daddy, “if the kitten dies, can I help bury it?” “Can I put flowers on the grave to decorate it?” I said, yes… We dropped her sixteen year old sister and her boyfriend off at their care group meeting house, and went on to our care group home. Not noticing that Angelle had gotten really quiet. She is a child with 50 million questions, and very smart. We got out of our meeting and went straight to the other home to pick up our daughter and her boyfriend. As soon as they were in the van, Angelle asked her dad, ” can we check on the kitten when we get home, daddy?” He said, I don’t know Angelle. She said, “well, I need to, because I have prayed and asked God to heal him and I need to check on the kitten.” So with this, Lonnie knew he had to check on that kitten. I kept wanting to tell her that sometimes God answered no for a reason, but I kept my peace. I wispered to Lonnie, “do you think he is alive?” Lonnie said “yes, she came to him with the faith of a small child, and I believe that He will honor that.”

I kept going over and over in my mind what I had seen. I can’t explain that this would HAVE to be a miricle, because I watched that kitten… But of not believing, I prayed that God would spare that kitten’s life, not for the kitten, but for Angelle. Not because she needed that kitten, but because she needed to know that God heard her prayers as small as she is.

We got home, and all of us ran around the house. We looked in the bathroom where Lonnie had placed the kitten, there was no kitten there. I called and called, and none of the kittens would come… Then all at once I turned around and there was the kitten that had been put through the motor of my van, walking, sore, but walking. I immediately knew that God heard her prayers and was showing her how much she meant to Him. She turned to see the kitten and ran to him. She would not pick him up, because she knew he was hurting. She looked up at her dad and I and said, “see that kitten is alive, because I prayed for him!” ” God healed that kitten, because I asked Him to.”

I cannot express how much that stupid kitten being alive meant to me. I don’t even like cats, but would never want anything like this to happen to one of them. I am so thankful that God would take the time to save a little kitten, that should rightfully be dead, if not for the prayers of a 4 year old child.

In God’s love

Penny (Received on Sunday October 7, 2001)