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Hopeless Case

As you know, I was blessed to deliver my wonderful son last September. Even though he was born 3 months early everything appeared to be going just fine. About a week later he became very ill with a disease that was eating away at his intestine. Things began to look hopeless, many friends and family came forth to give love and support in what was truly our darkest hour.

After several surgeries my son’s health was still borderline. Then the worst happened, he took a turn for the worst developing a hole in his lung, retaining fluid to dangerous levels and several infections. The doctors told me and my husband that they have hit a brick wall and there was little else for them to do. He also stated that we should prepare for the worst and that the only thing that would save my son would be our faith.

I wouldn’t give up on my son. I refused to believe that the Lord allowed my son to come into the world only to make him suffer and take him again. I prayed day and night just as always. I would sit by his bedside and sing “Jesus loves you.”

One day will sitting in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) prayer and being thankful for having my son with me I felt someone walk up behind me. They put their hands on my shoulders and I felt the warmth of their body against my back. Eyes filled with tears, I took a breath and turned to greet them. No one was there. I glanced around the room to see if anyone was around. Still no one. I turned to my son and at that moment I know that we had been touched by the Lord.

My son made a miraculous recovery and joined us at home in December. When we make periodic visits to the NICU, the doctors and staff say to me that my son’s recovery was a miracle, no one believed that he would live to come home. Praise the Lord for he is mighty. Every time I look into my son’s bright eyes and witness his brilliant smile, I Know the miracle of the Lord’s love for he breathed life into my child.

Jackie Pilgrim (Received on Monday May 22, 2000)