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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Lissette was pregnant and was at high risk of loosing her baby as she had formerly a kidney transplant.

“Robert I want to rejoice in the power of prayer. Thanks to all brothers and sisters who prayed for Lissette. I will write for more details so you can actually see the real miracle that took place. Lissette is home. Tired but in good health. The kidneys working fine. Her daughter Alyssa Marie was born with 4 lb. 8 ounces and came home this weekend and she is in good health. Please thank all our brothers and sisters in the prayer line. Will write soon.” Raysa (November 1st, 1999)

Here is the full story. Thanks Raysa for sharing this with us!

“Dear Robert. I promised to described what took place with Lissette. On the 23rd, I got home after attending a workshop, and Lissette and Ariel and Michael were planning to go out to dinner. They received some visitors and their plans were postponed. A few minutes later she began to experienced pain and began to bleed profusely and her husband rushed her to the hospital.

As you may remembered she had a kidney transplant in 1997 and she was followed up medically by High Risk team. A sonogram revealed that the baby was at risk and she had an emergency c section.

The doctors told her husband Ariel that the baby was practically swimming in blood. She had the cord wrapped twice around her neck. Time was a factor and everything flowed in harmony since I placed the email to you. The hospital is about a 20 minute drive (if traffic conditions are right). The Lord was in control and thanks to all the prayers they were covered and well protected. Alyssa Marie was born completely healthy. She was in the ICU neonatal care for observation and was kept there for six days.

Lissette was very weak and almost needed a blood transfusion but again thanks to all the prayers she did not need it. They are staying at my home because the hurricane significantly damaged their home. She wants to thank all the brothers and sisters in the prayer line. Please continue to pray that her kidneys continue to work well and that Alyssa will continue to thrive.

She is adorable. She has lots of dark hair and the most precious face. It is a real miracle of love and faith. Thanks to the Lord and many blessings to all of you.” Raysa