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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Oh! Oh! I have to tell you about a miracle Jesus did for us yesterday!!! I’m so excited!!!

We’ve been praying for a little boy named Matt? He was in some kind of accident, and was in a coma, and they told the parents that he would “always be a vegetable?” Ha! They said he would never come out of it? Ha!!! Many many of us have been praying over Matt. And Jump! And shout!!!! He came out of it yesterday and is talking? Oh! Glory Glory!!!!

I have tears of joy as I’m writing this? I’m just so so so grateful, and excited that our Lord honours our prayers with wonderful miracles. Hey!!! Any prayer you have on the prayer chains? Jump for Joy!!! Oh Glory! Glory!!!! Glory!!!! Oh Oh Oh I’m just thrilled!!!! In Jesus!!!!

Flora (Received on June 5, 2001)