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Pancreatic Cancer

Don’t know how to tell you this without bursting…John went to the oncologist today for his chemo and the oncologist rushed into the waiting room (he wasn’t due to see John today) and told him that some “tests” came back and that his tumor has shrunk by 50%!!!!!!!! (a zillion more exclamation points!). Is it prayer, the tea from Canada, the chemo? Who is to know but I know it’s number one the Lord!!!! Secondly, this is incredible, miraculous news because pancreatic cancer DOES NOT SHRINK!!! Chemo and radiation is only given to “hold” it and give more time “as is”. Your prayers are working — keep it up — thank you with all our hearts — do you get brownie points in heaven or what? LOL

Laura (Received on Friday November 2, 2001)

I never expressed this to anyone but I lived with a secret fear these past few months as I saw John suffer with the cancer and treatment. I kept thinking that he was “holding on”, waiting for JJ to come home and then would “give up” once this had happened. Instead the miracle occurred, the tumor shrunk as I told you and he is spending so much valuable and enjoyable time with the kiddo and I am watching them together, gaining so much from their relationship and thrive (both of them!). This story really brought to home how I’ve felt and thought I’d share it with you.

Laura (Received on Wednesday November 7, 2001)

OK, hold onto your chair and make sure your Bible is in the other hand…John went today for his results and to start the 3 weeks on, 1 week off round again of chemo. The oncologist came in and asked if he got his cat scan report yet and rifled through his medical file (it wasn’t there and flew out to look for it). He came back in with it and quickly poured through it (out loud) and then came to the important part. There is no sign of the tumor at the head of the pancreas at all. Also, it is not known is there is ANYMORE cancer within the bile ducts! In other words, if this was his first cat scan they would not know he has cancer! Because cancer, as you know, is a sneaky devil, there could be cells within the bile duct so he is going to have 2 more 3 on, 1 off of chemo and then they will re-do the cat scan again to see what’s happening.

But, as the oncologist said, they have to take it from there since it appears that this killer is shrinking miraculously or, and this is a very good possibility, gone! First words out of John’s mouth were Praise God! The oncologist says he is one of the “lucky” ones that 1 out of 3 respond to chemo and I said, he is blessed more than you can ever know. (The mortality rate on this cancer is 29,000 are diagnosed yearly, and only 2000 are alive at the end of a year — well his symptoms started early Fall last year so he’s beaten the odds for sure already!). Not only that, he is putting on weight again (I kidded him last night that some of those shirts are getting tight again when he sits down), his color is good 98% of the time, he no longer uses his cane and has a super appetite (hence the shrinking shirts). All weekend he kept saying to me, you think that I’m going to beat this don’t you? And I kept telling him with all the confidence in the Lord, you betcha! Looks like I knew what I was saying.

Is it near over? Not by a long shot. Even if things continue as they are, he most likely will have to go every 3 months for the rest of his life having cat scans and/or other tests but…come on, this is a miracle in the making so pass the word for everyone to keep on praying!!!

Eternally grateful for you,

Laura (Received on Tuesday November 27, 2001)

Well, needless to say, John never went to bed until almost 9am last night he is so excited about the Lord’s working with him and the good “news” from the oncologist. I want to thank all of you for your congratulations and am deeply touched by your comments and tears shed in gratitude. Please, though, do not stop praying as we do not know for sure if there is still cancer in the bile ducts (hiding — the sneaky devils (appropriate word for the cells, eh?). But, let us firmly believe that God will prevail and we WILL show the world the wonders that our Lord is performing and it is my hope that this will lead others to Him (after all, he uses tragedy for good, doesn’t He? (even tho it’s hard to remember that at times)). All my love and all my eternal gratitude for our Lord giving me such wonderful blessings of you my dear friends.

Laura (Received on Wednesday November 28, 2001)

Still hanging onto your chairs and bible? The oncologist called me first thing this morning and wanted me to know that the blood work came from from Monday (John gets blood tests every time he goes for chemo to monitor his cancer and white cell count). Trying to keep this simple. The average person such as you or me, comes out with a 39 number on this blood test that shows cancer in the body. John has been running 170 (as I told you before) and on October 26, I told you that it went down to 91 (almost a 50% reduction of the tumor, remember?). Well, here it is one month later and there is no doubt that you guys are all still praying because this time the test came back at 32! (Remember, less than WE would show on average!)

Because we can’t be sure there those sneaky cancer devil cells aren’t leaving behind a friend or two within the bile ducts, he will continue chemo for a short while as I said but this is further confirmation of the miracle that is occurring. PLEASE forward this to all you have kept up to date about John’s pancreatic cancer (the most terminal and poor prognosis cancer there is) and I ask that folks e-mail me so I can let John know even more of the wonderful people in the world who are rooting for him and, most of all, intervening on his behalf to our Lord! Needless to say, the oncologist is absolutely baffled and astounded and said that John tops the list of his stories (which are few and far between) of those who have had or are having good outcomes.

Also, the doctor still insists it is pancreatic cancer which makes it more miraculous because all my research has shown that this is a deadly cancer with 29000 diagnosed each year and only 2000 still alive within a year and even those are on death’s door (so to speak). As always, I sincerely, with all my heart want to send my ever-lasting love and appreciation for caring enough to pray for John and our family. Know that you are all in my daily prayers that God, in turn, bless you and cover you with His blood and peace. PLEASE spread the word of this miraculous event (as I have promised Him I will do). With love,

Laura (Received on Friday November 30, 2001)