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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Restoring Physical and Spiritual Life

“My two and a half year old son followed me out as I made my way to get the washing from the line. Running ahead of me, I noticed that he was going to run into another child I presumed to be younger than him standing at the top of the stairs.

I was late, with his hand he had reached out and pushed the child off the stairs. I screamed out in terror as the child fell back and in a flash was lying flat on his back on the concrete surface about ten feet below us. Terrified I ran down, picked up the child who now had a blank look on his face, and cried out “Holy Spirit, please heal him, touch him, help us Holy Spirit”. By now I had notified the child’s mother, who called the ambulance.

That evening was one of petitioning God for the life of the child. My husband who wasn’t a Christian then, was petrified as I related to him what had happened and the possible consequences of the incident. This same evening my husband committed his life to the Lord. He knew he needed God to come into his life this very hour. He then went to the hospital to see the child and to console and seek forgiveness from his mother.

While awaiting results from the hospital, we prayed and prayed, by faith, thanking God for the life of the child and for coming into my husband’s life. By morning the mother of the child informed us that her son was all right and that there was not a single broken bone or injury to his body.

We couldn’t help but praise God for his faithfulness. He had performed two wonderful miracles in one evening, restoring the physical life of a two year old child and giving spiritual life to my husband. Our family is now enjoying walking with the Lord. As we look back at that incident, we are reminded of God’s sovereignty, his power and his awesome love.”


Received October 3rd, 1999.