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Summer Rose feel from her mommy’s arms when they just left the hospital. She was only a few days old. Her crane was fractured. Here is the answered prayer:

I just got off the phone (6:30 PM CST, Oct. 9th) from talking to Kristi Gray, mother of Summer Rose with an update on Summer. They just returned home from having her at the doctor (she had been sent home from the hospital two days after the tragic accident!).

First of all, I will tell you what the extent of her injuries were immediately after the accident. She received approx. a 1″ circular fracture of the skull at the top right side of her head. This caused a blood clot the size of a golf ball to form which was leaking blood into the brain and causing the brain to swell. Because of the trauma to the brain, Summer would not eat. The instinct to suck was hampered. She lost nearly 1 1/2 lbs.

After hearing about this accident and sending out many requests for prayer, people from all over the US and around the world (literally) began interceding. Kristi said that Saturday Summer began to eat much like she had before the accident and she was seeing a dramatic change in her behavior.

But it was Sunday morning, the Lord’s day, that Kristi said that as soon as Summer woke up and looked at Kristi, she could tell that she had her baby back. On Saturday, Kristi could still see then indication on her little head where the fracture was and could see where the golf ball sized clot was. Sunday, the only evidence of either was some slight yellow discoloration on the skin around where the clot had been.

Today’s doctor’s visit proved that Summer has already gained to within 5 ozs. Of her birth weight. The doctor was extremely pleased with her progress and could only see the discoloration on her skin also. No X-rays were done today but will be done Thursday at the neurologist’s apt. Because of the possibility of future problems due to a skull fracture of this nature on a newborn, Kristi will be taking Summer to the neurologist every 3 mos. For the next 2 years for testing.

Many have asked how Kristi is doing also. Kristi is a very dedicated child of God and also a neonatal nurse. She has, of course, been greatly heartsick because of this accident, but is seeing it for what it was – an accident! She has sounded wonderfully in control all three times that I’ve talked to her. She is giving our Lord the glory for all He has done! I would also like to say here that Kristi fell in her hospital room while waiting for the wheelchair to be brought to escort her down to be taken home. Several people had asked about why the hospital didn’t provide a wheelchair to transport mother and baby out of the hospital. Kristi was born without certain ligaments in her ankles and had surgery on them when she was 19. Her weak ankle contributed to the fall when she slightly tripped on something. Someone also asked where in Mississippi does Summer Rose & Kristi live. They live in Hernando and she was hospitalized in Southaven. Grandma & Grandpa John Miller live in Southaven and he is on staff at the Trinity Baptist Church in Southaven.

We are Praising the Lord for His healing touch on Summer Rose. Not only has He restored her health, but He has also overwhelmed us, Summer’s great-grandparents, with an outpouring of support from His children, our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have received approx. 75 e-mail messages, numerous phone calls and many words of support and prayer over the weekend at our church and literally everywhere we went. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for His precious love and anointing upon our family.

God Bless each of you!

John & Skeeter Miller

Send via Melinda Lancaster (Received on Tuesday October 10, 2000)