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The Lump

A lady from church has been dealing with a lump on her breast since March. It was there. The doctor’s knew it, she felt it, they saw it on the mammogram, etc. Last Tuesday night, a group of about 15 people went to her home to pray over her because she was to go in Wed AM for the biopsy. OF COURSE, when she went in yesterday morning there was NO lump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! All of this happened in my Southern Baptist church, with an associate pastor and a group of 15 from the 3000 members of my church. I pray the Lord take this experience and it brings all of these people to a place where they will not be afraid of operating in the gifts of the Spirit and it will take them to a place of hungering for a deeper knowledge of this part of their Jesus that they have never experienced before!!!!!!!!!!

Julie (Received on Sunday May 7, 2000)