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A Dead Man Joined the Church

This past Sunday, a dead man joined the church.

About two months ago, Brent B., the 18-year-old son of a single mother (who had only recently become a Christian), OD’ed on drugs in VA. His mother, Teresa S., was called to the hospital in VA, “to make some difficult ethical decisions”. Her report back to our church was that it was bad. But she requested that the church pray that her son would regain enough mental facilities before he died to accept Christ.

However, he did not improve, and was declared brain dead. He was taken off life support; but his mother requested that the church continue to pray that he would regain consciousness enough to make a decision. The hospital staff thought she was crazy. She was the only Christian in her family (and a rather new Christian), and her family thought she was worse than crazy.

Taken off life support, he continued to breathe. He even moved a little. But this is not that unusual. Then, on Mother’s Day, he opened his eyes and suddenly told his mother that he loved her.

A couple of weeks ago he was moved to an extended care facility in Louisville. He is *far* from recovered. But last Tuesday Mike T., went up for a long visit with Brent. While there, Brent accepted Christ.

This Sunday morning, during the 11:00 service, Brent was wheeled down the aisle in his wheelchair to make public his recent decision. His fiancée also made a profession of faith at the same time (we know nothing about her; and since I’m away, I didn’t get to see all this. But I heard about his coming from several sources immediately after the service).

We have no information on the possibility of his continued recovery, etc. But it isn’t every day that a person declared brain dead due to drugs has the opportunity make a profession of faith. And there probably aren’t too many churches that have had this happen.

In Him,

Shelby Ennis (Received on Thursday June 15, 2000)