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Dying in a Service

From Calvary United Pent. Church Mt. Vernon, Illinois Pastor: Steve Edwards Sunday A.M. service, December 2, 2001

You will not believe what happened in service this morning: an elderly lady died right there in service (Mary A. Williams). There was a big commotion getting her out, calling 911, people running everywhere, and one of the men walked over and asked a nurse if we should pray. She said, “NO! SHE’S DEAD!” But we decided to pray anyway. After 4 minutes with no pulse and no breathing, and being pronounced dead, she came back to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her first words were, “Don’t cover me!” Praise the Lord. A tongues and interpretation went forth that said, “Yes, I have raised from the dead today, but there is nothing too hard for me. I will do many mighty healings in your midst, and the victory and revival I have promised is yours.” What a battle it has been, but we DO BELIEVE THE VICTORY IS HERE!

Just had to share that.

Sharla Edwards (Received on Tuesday December 4, 2001)