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Fractured Skull

Joshua Minter was 4 weeks old when he fell out of his swing and fractured his skull. Doctors weren’t too optimistic and suspected brain damage. “I’m sorry I haven’t given you this praise report sooner. Joshua was in ICU at the hospital comatose and the doctors said he only had a 1 in 3 chance of survival, he was having seizures, needed a blood transfusion, and if he did survive there would be a 50% chance of severe brain damage. That was the doctor’s report, but we chose to believe the report of the Lord!

The day after I asked for your prayers, there was marked improvement. Joshua stopped having seizures and his haemoglobin went up making a blood transfusion unnecessary. The next day, he was awake and alert and moved out of ICU into a private room. Then on the third day, a cat scan revealed NO permanent damage to the brain and he went home a day later!

Praise be to God. He IS a God of miracles. I thank God for everyone who prayed for Joshua and his family. It means so much to know that all the saints are looking out for you! May God Bless you richly.”

“I also just spoke with the parents tonight & Joshua went to the doctor last week & they could not even see the place where the skull was fractured. It was a complete and total healing! Praise GOD!” Peggy , July 1999.