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Horse Riding Incident

Hello Brothers and Sisters, Back in December I put a brother in Christ on the prayer chain. To refresh your memory his named is Chad Baker and he had severe brain injuries from a horse riding accident. The doctor’s said if he survived that he would never go home. He would have to stay in a specialty nursing home for the rest of his life. He was in a coma for almost 2 months before he came out of it. They didn’t think he would survive at all though. As of today, almost 3 months later, he is in a rehabilitation hospital, recovering beyond most peoples expectations. He is talking, and has most of his memory.

His right arm and leg were not moving at all for a while. People thought he would not have the use of them but GOD has answered prayers and he is able to use them and getting more and more use every day. He is walking more and more, better and better every day. There is no doubt in any of our minds that God has blessed him and answered many prayers concerning Chad. They say he will hopefully go to an out-patient status and go home in about 4 weeks. I want to thank all of you who prayed for Chad and his family. God has also blessed the family with finance issues and insurance issues. Please continue to keep Chad and the family in your prayers as he continues on the road to recovery. May God bless you all. Your brother in Christ,

Harley Teel (Received on Friday March 2, 2001)