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Problematic Convulsing

Last Friday I went as an usher to one of Benny Hinn’s crusades in Toronto. Some believe he is from the devil. Others that he is a fake. All I can say to you is what I experienced: the gospel message was preached: salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. Around 1000 people gave their heart to Jesus that night. God was glorified through worship and praise songs. Never was once glory given to man nor to Benny Hinn. Around 2000 people were healed. The lame walked, the deaf started hearing, the blind got their vision, cancer was healed… God was glorified throughout it all.

During my shift of being an usher, I had a wonderful experience with God as well. Around 9:30 p.m. another usher from another section came running up to me and said “I need your help. Someone is convulsing in my section. I think she may be epileptic. I do not know what to do.” My first inclination was to tell her: “Call the doctor. I can’t help you!” But God told me with His peaceful voice ” I am in charge. Follow this lady”. So I followed her to her section. I asked her where that convulsing person was and she pointed out somewhere up the aisle. She seemed to be terrified to get closer to the incident. Not knowing where to go, I started to climb the stairs, trying to pinpoint who was in trouble. As I reached a certain row, all of a sudden people got up and made way for me to get through. I followed their lead and was brought to a bleak looking lady who was convulsing badly.

She was surrounded by 4 ladies who were praying for her, one of them turned around and told me that she was a nurse and that she never had seen anything like this. She told me this was not a seizure and that this poor lady was battling a spiritual battle. In other words, demons were possessing her!

I stretched my hand towards her and started to pray. The convulsing stopped. The ladies around her tried to encourage her to go down (we were on the third floor) to share her testimony with Benny Hinn. She was terrified and said the demons would punish her if she did. Finally she decided to go, terrified. I was wondering what to do, but the Lord told me clearly to go and lead the way.

As we started to go down the first few steps, she started to convulse worse that ever. She would not listen to anyone. Her attention seemed to be unfocused. The Lord impressed me to talk boldly to her and although words were coming out of my mouth, they were not my words. God was speaking to her using my voice box. I was led to say (shorter version here): “You will be healed my friend. Jesus loves you and he has paid for your healing 2000 years ago. By His stripes you are healed! Do you believe this?” All during this speech, she had riveted her attention on me and was paying 100% attention to every word that was uttered. She very weakly answered: “Yes”.

We started to pray for her and cast the demons out of her life, inviting God’s Holy Spirit to come and take His dwelling in her and as we were concluding our prayers, all convulsing stopped and she was looked so peaceful. She had been freed from those demons. Praise the Lord! All of us, including herself were praising the Lord!

During this whole event God was in charge! I did not cast those demons out. God did! I never had any experiences like that before. But throughout this experience God was gently telling me what to do. He was my mentor and His power is incredible. Praise be to God for loving each one of us so much!

She could not be healed until she proclaimed she believed. Once she did that, God freed her! God can do the same for you my friend. If you are facing some incredible situations, cry out to Him and believe He will answer your plea. He always does! He is so awesome!

Rob Chaffart (Received on Sunday July 14, 2002)