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Tony Wong

Dear Friend,

I write to keep informed with regard to Tony Wong. Thanks so much for all the prayer support and the Lord is good and he answer all the prayer offered to Him by the saints. As you recall that Tony situation was really bad and even the medical doctor had not seem anything close to his situation. He mind was gone the last time I wrote. He was into many fits and was not able to recognize any person.

The Lord had restored him. He is almost back to his normal self. He is able to talk, recognize people, eat, sleep. Praise God for his wonderful work. In about a month he came out of the whole situation. The reason he came out of that situation so fast simply because all over the world Christian were praying for him. I wrote Kenneth Haggins, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Jerusalem, Answer2Prayers etc. We have learn many lessons from this happening. One is the important of parents covering their children in prayer. The important of knowing the Word of God in relation to doing ministries for the Lord -deliverance, etc. All this Tony is learning lesson too about the important of prayer covering when involve in spiritual warfare which he was ignorant of the matter.

Thank you so much and God bless you. Really appreciate all the prayer support.

Robert Ling (Received on May 9, 2001)