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A Heart Problem

Dear prayer warriors greetings in our Savior’s name. when I read the request from pastor Paul Jesudoss with their daughter who had to be operated on because of her heart problem , I felt I had to share my miraculous healing with them. at the beginning of this year I was told ´my heart was badly leaking and I had gone through all kinds of tests that proved I had to be operated on immediately. I could barely talk or walk around, I had no hope , I felt like giving up.

But one day a friend visited me and strengthened me with prayers , the church held a prayer day for my healing and guess what on my operation day I needed to go through some tests and I saw doctors looking at each other and finally calling in a professor who scanned my heart for more than one hour , she turned to me and said these words – lady according to your file your health status contradicts with what the doctors wrote here you look very ill but nothing is wrong with your heart, what ever you’ve been using don’t stop, and i told her it was my God i cried to , she smiled back at me as I walked home free from sickness. that very God who healed me is still at work even today he can heal Elishba, keep your faith in him and he will do it. ( I once walked in a doctor’s room and read this message on the wall–we give treatment but healing comes from God)

yours in Christ

Rhoda (Received on Wednesday November 7, 2001)