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I’ve been sitting here reading all these prayers, and crying like a baby! One prayer was for a good sleep, and yesterday Aaron says to me,

“I can go to sleep now, and wake up and its morning! I’ve never done that before, I used to go to sleep and wake up, wake up, wake up all night long!”

He had a bit of a rough night last night. He seems to do really good thru the day, but pain comes when evening hits. Yesterday he said he felt like needles were poking his throat, I assume maybe that those scabs are coming off now.

For today, so far, NO TYLENOL! He’s been playing video games, and he’s happy today. Another major blessing, HE’S FINALLY ABLE TO GET AIR THRU HIS NOSE! He caught himself eating with his mouth closed, THAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE BEFORE!

For the first time in years, his nose isn’t running, his voice is clear, without that nasal sound! But, he still talks like it hurts, which is normal I suppose….. but we can tell what his voice sounds like! Anyhow, today I’m filled with tears of relief! Thanksgiving to God above! How awesome!!!!!!!!!

Seeing so many prayers going up is such a faith builder that no bleeding is gonna happen! I can lay aside my fears, and just know that its over now……. from now on, only healing can be made complete! Thank you so much for all the prayers, GOD BLESS YOU! ITS WORKING! Aaron is improving everyday…… seems to be happy with his new found air! To continue prayers wouldn’t hurt a thing……. as the scabs come off, which I think is happening now, the bleeding again is possible. BUT GOD IS BIGGER AND HE CAN PREVENT THAT TOTALLY! Give everyone my THANKS! And I’ll pray a special blessing on each and every one!

Paula (Received on Sunday May 21, 2000)

Hey all…. sorry I haven’t written much lately, I have plenty of mail to go thru, and will respond soon, things have just been soooooooo busy lately.

Took Aaron to the doc today for his post op check up, got a great report! He can eat potato chips now, just no pretzels and popcorn for another week or so. Doc says he’s healing nicely, and said again how huge those adenoids were. He said they were 3 times the size they should have been.

He explained that when they got in there, it was easy to see they blocked the nasal passage completely, etc. But the beauty is THEY ARE GONE NOW! We sat in the office, Aaron there with his mouth closed, relaxed, breathing normally, I said to the doc, “LOOK AT HIM! AND HE HASN’T’ A CLUE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”

The doc laughed, then we explained to Aaron how great it is to see him breathing thru that nose finally! He’s falling into the new way of breathing naturally. ITS GREAT!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE PRAYERS! Lord knows we needed them! Aaron drew a picture of the sky, Gods face, angels all around, and a little boy breathing thru the nose at the bottom of the page. I really believe he felt God with him, and healing him thru that. For today, WE ARE SO HAPPY! I could sit and bawl with total relief at this point! AND THANKSGIVING TO GOD is something that my heart is FULL of! Again, thank you all for the prayers, and words of support! Talk soon,

Paula (Received on Wednesday May 24, 2000)