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Cornia Problems

“I just spoke with John, the young man who was in a helicopter accident while performing a military practice routine. He said that many Pastors have come to visit him. Thank You God For Your Faithfulness! And-this is the big Praise Report of Miraculous healing in his body!!: The cornea of his eye was scratched so that it went from seven-tenths of a mm to one-tenth of a mm in that area. The doctors thought that they would have to do an emergency cornea transplant-but the cornea is growing back !!!!!-This is not supposed to happen according to man’s medical knowledge of the eye!!!!!!!

It has already doubled in it’s thickness! The doctors are checking it every day because they don’t understand why it is growing. John knows why-and said he knows that only the prayers of everyone could have caused this to happen! I believe that God is preparing this previously backslidden man for a testimony of healing and a witness to others in the military!

Thank You God for Your Unyielding forgiveness and kindness and that you chose to give us each a unique destiny to fulfill in You!!!!

All of your prayers are greatly appreciated and the “throne room” is responding!

He asked for prayer for his eye tissue to continue to grow, and that he would be able to tolerate solid foods so that they wouldn’t have to put him back on an IV. 40% of his lower intestine, and his appendix were removed due to the crash . . .

Bless you all.” (Received on Monday January 3rd. 2000)

“”John, the victim of the recent helicopter accident, is able to keep down small amounts of food! He had lost 40% of his intestines and 40 lbs. In 5 weeks-but now the doctors say that he will not have to have the nasal drip IV that they had planned!

God is so faithful!! His bone marrow transplant to restore the bone missing in one of his legs also went well! The need for a cornea transplant has been postponed indefinitely, and now they will wait to see if there is vision left in that eye . The next goals in Rehabilitation will be for him to walk and use his arms again, all which have multiple fractures, but are healing well so far!

John is continuing to seek God, and is trying to restore family relationships that had been estranged-knowing especially that the Bible says to Honor Your Mother and Father, and that he had been remiss in this area! He recently overcame – by the yoke of His Savior – a temptation from the “thief in the night” – and stood strong in his convictions. He is coming to the realization, that although he had always called himself a Christian, and had been in regular attendance at church- that he had never truly submitted his own free will to the Will of the Father for his life.

Most importantly, I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to “clean his house out” and that he be challenged more every day to truly make Jesus Christ the Lord of his life.

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters.” Psalm 18:16 —- Thank You For Your Prayers!!!!” (Received on January 12, 2000)