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Eye Surgery

Jean needed eye surgery, but her health insurance would not cover the expenses. A miracle happened after a few weeks of waiting.

“As you all know, the eye surgery finally took place on Tues morning, and as for that day, other than the doctor teasing me about snoring thru all of it, I don’t really have too much that I can say about it…..smiles… and I have been back to the doctor every day since, due to the complications that happened so:

First of all, I want to thank each of you for your prayers… they have meant so very much to me, and I know that our Lord heard every one as i can feel them.

The doctor is extremely pleased with the healing that is going on in my eye… I had had complications happen during the surgery that I didn’t even know about, but he explained them to me today…. (still don’t understand, but my Father does) smiles….. and what with the lupus and all, he did not expect me to be able to even start seeing as yet……. which i can…… the blur is still there, but I can see a lot more than the doc told I would be by this time…… so praise the Lord, He is taking care of my healing.

Still a lot of restrictions on me for the next six to eight weeks, but I know that things are going to go along just great……. another case of the Lord teaching me patience, one step at a time……smiles…..and basically i am feeling really good and uplifted in spirits.

John is being absolutely marvelous in taking good care of me and making me feel very strong about it all…..

Thanks again for your most welcome prayers.”

Jean , July 1999.