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Financial Needs

Have I mentioned lately how great God is?? Just a couple of nights ago my car died, then there was also have fact that I had very little food left and no money. So, now, here is proof of the power of prayer.

Yesterday I found out the only thing wrong with my car was that it needed an oil change really, really bad. My son Justin (19) sprung for the filters and oil and taught me how to do an oil change. Then a lady whose children I care for stopped by to pay me some money she owed me. I took the little money I had and went to but groceries. I had $166.00. The groceries came to $169.03.

But, it just so happened to be customer appreciation day which they have one day a month and they give you 10% off. With the 10% off and my coupons the bill was only $129.09!

On top of all this a lady I barely know from my church stopped by for tea and was telling me that her daughter who is very wealthy had stocked up on dry goods during December because of fear of Y2K. Her daughter was worried now that all the cereals and such were going to go stale so she wanted to know if I would be able to make use of some of these things.

This afternoon she brought over boxes of cereal, juices, canned tuna and turkey, beans, canned vegetables and fruits, cases of soup, every kind of noodle you could imagine, pasta sauces, soap, toilet paper… the list goes on, but I think you get what I am saying. The kids were thrilled. It was like Christmas and they even took the really big boxes outside and made houses for our cats. So, Robert, once again God has come through as he always does. I am so lucky and so blessed. Well I guess I better go or you know me I’ll ramble on forever!

As always, Robert, I thank you so much for your prayers and moral support. God Bless.

Tammy (Received on Wednesday June 7, 2000)