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Hurt Knee

Dear Brother Rob: I am so glad you shared your testimony. It was awesome. Peter Youngren spoke one year at camp a couple of years back and he called out healing in a knee and I totally forgot I had a knee that had hurt because I had lived with pain so long it was part of my life and as soon as he said that healing out, my knee was instantly pain free…I was there all alone. I looked around quite startled because it was about as odd as it could get and I wanted to jump for joy because my knee was whole and had flexibility and rotation. I was so excited that I came home from camp and tried to tell all the folk here about it and so they went up the next night to camp and I have to tell ya, he wasn’t speaking but WOW that was wild to have my knee free from pain just instantly. Eye sight without the mud slapped on the eyes…I love it.

Melanie (Received on Monday December 10, 2001)