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Juvenile-Onset Diabetes

“God is SO GOOD–let us praise Him all the day long!! My brother has had juvenile-onset diabetes for the past 25 years.

Just in the last few months, everything started to go downhill fast. His kidneys were reported by the doctors to be 20% functioning. His eyes started to fail, with massive bleeding. If you know about diabetes, it attacks every body system.

Well, he prayed the salvation prayer a few weeks ago. Then, he accepted that “By His stripes are ye healed” Isa. 53:5, is fact. Scripture means EXACTLY what it says. It is life and power of God. Our diseases are only mirages put on us by Satan. When we accept that we were healed at the cross, IT IS DONE. Every single day now, there are new healings in my brother’s body.

Just on Monday, two of the best eye doctors (world famous) had to admit that what had happened in his eyes could only be explained that it was a miracle. They had told him that he would have to have surgery this Thursday, but it was cancelled and not needed.

Praise God for His promises in His Holy Word NEVER FAIL–and every single promise is for every single one of us. I just believe that He will and soon.” Joan , August 1999.