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Occlusion of the Descending Aorta

To family & friends September 14 2001

Hi to all, Sorry to be sending this to everyone at one time, but I will try to get back to all who have written , sent prayers, and wishes to us later, and give you all the whole story. For now I want to give you all an update on Larry. The Lord performed a miracle for us and I’m praying he will for our county too, lets all pray together for our world. As most of you know Larry has been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of years, not only with the cancer but he also has a blood disease (hardening of the arteries) We have had many a hill to climb. He had his tests after chemo last week and everything came back that there was no cancer to the lung left or to the bones, but there was two small mets to the brain and a spot on the liver. But the Drs are hopeful for that.

Sunday night as he was getting ready for bed his hips started hurting very bad and he went completely paralyzed from the waist down, he was rushed to the hospital, there they did a cat scan and told us he had a “Occlusion of the descending aorta” ( a complete blockage of the aorta at the spinal cord) I won’t try to explain what it means because I’m not even sure how to begin right now, but it is almost always fatal they say. . But the Drs. Said we had two choices, they could do surgery right then but chances were that his kidneys would shut down or they would lose him on the operating table, or they could send him to ICU control his pain and we could sit and talk to him. Either way we chose with or without the surgery he would still be paralyzed for life.

At the time we didn’t really understand it all, we talked and he decided not to have the surgery. I thought there’s something they are not telling us, so I went out and talked to the Drs., they explained it to me, they told me his chances were slim, I asked what they meant, are you telling me he’s going to die?, they said yes his chances were slim and said they only gave him two to three days at the most. I went back in and prayed with him and then went and called our pastor. And told our daughter what they had told me. We all then went back into the trauma room, there was a Dr standing at the foot of his bed, I told her there was a mightier power that could take care of this, we both looked down and Larry was moving his right leg. She said he’s starting to work right now.

By Monday morning he was moving both legs. His right leg is still paralyzed from the knee down but I know that will be taken care of too. The Drs. Seem hopeful that with getting his cumadin level up that he will do well. The cancer , and cancer drugs do not seem to work good with the cumadin and his problem with his blood. They started physical therapy today and are hopeful that he may get to come home in about a week.

I’ve heard everything from the Drs. From , “I don’t know what made you better” , He’s a walking miracle” and ” You are not suppose to be here” but we know the answer to that, ” The Lord touched him” Praise God.!! We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but for today we still have each other and our family and friends. We are taking each day as it comes and making the most of it. Our faith has grown so much. We praise the Lord and thank him for each new day.

He is still getting strong pain medicine and is groggy and sometimes talks a little out of it. (because of the medicine) but I’m sure if any of you would like to call him or drop him a card he would love it so much. His family is all in other States. And we do need all the support and prayers we can get right now. Ill put the phone number and address below as he was just moved to a private room last night. Please continue to remember us in your prayers and for our country. Love and God Bless to all.

Laura & Larry

Larry Wright c/o Good Samaritan Hospital Room 1450 375 Dixmyth Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45220 Phone: 513-872-1361

or home is 1860 Queen City Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45204 Phone: 513-251-4926

Laura Wright  (Received on September 14, 2001)