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The Fall

Recently, I was about to go to bed and so wanted to change to my night dress. But something from inside was telling me not to change my jeans pant when I was about to change to my night dress. I was amazed and wondered what this could be that is asking me to sleep with my jeans on. I simply heeded to this inner voice.

I got up in the morning disturbed from my sleep to the sound of the water running out with great force in our kitchen tap. As the water hit the floor of the sink, it splashed all over the kitchen making it wet with water. As I was in my half sleep yet, but ran to the kitchen to close the tap, in a fraction of a second I slipped, my feet were up in the air and I fell a big “thud” to the ground landing on my right side in a way that I was on my right shoulder and right hip straight. For a moment I was in shock. I slowly got up and checked myself if I got any broken bones. But praise God, I had none. All thanks to the leading of the Holy Spirit to sleep on my jeans pant that actually cushioned my hip bone when I fell. I did not understand the reason for my fall.

Later when I went for my shower, I was rubbing my neck with soap. I suddenly noticed my neck was completely free when I moved my head to the right or left, up or down. Otherwise, I suffered with a stiff neck for several years before and used to silently pray God to touch my neck and heal me of this stiffness or spondilytis whatever it is. Now suddenly it is gone and I had no problems moving my head to any side or up and down.

This is an amazing way my Father in heaven answered my prayer to heal me of my severe neck pain. The whole reason why God asked me to sleep with my jeans on has unveiled. It cushioned my hip so that i would not have any fractures and also with the fall, my neck became alright completely. All glory to God alone.


Raj Trevain Raj Kumar
Director, Neolife Mission Trust

Received on October 2, 2014