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3 x 5 Index Cards

Dear Family:

Oh How effective fervent prayers are to OUR SAVIOUR, thank you all for praying for me and my son Erik, and my dad too and even our dog Max.

The other day I spent a special time with Jesus, I wrote down on 3×5 index cards everything I would like from Jesus and also put according to your will Lord, and then placed it in my Bible and start thanking Him for the things I asked for…

Well, yesterday, we (my son and I ) met with his old home school principal from Christian School, My son Erik is helping him do some computer work, so he said to my son, Erik what can I do for you for all the help you are giving me? My son thought for a moment, He wants to do this unto Jesus for no pay and told the principal that, BUT the principal said you are very kind Erik, but your mom and you struggle a lot financially I want to also bless you, so I chimed in, and without realizing at the time what I had written on one of my cards to Jesus I asked the principal, if he could teach Erik how to drive, and he said YES and jumped at the chance, I cried, and Erik looked at me and said Mom Jesus does hear our prayers, I said Of course He does son!!! 🙂

Then, we met a lady and her son at this place where his principal works, and she and her son invited us to dinner, they are delightful, and another request I asked Jesus was to please send forth some good Christian friends for Erik, and Jesus did, with this new fella we met yesterday, they both love computers and the Lord, and what’s more a blessing is the lady liked me too, and we are becoming friends.

This lady works for habitats for humanity and gets grants and funding for the projects. I told her about the Vision Jesus gave me for the Ranch, and she is going to look it over and we are going to pray over it 🙂 She only lives 40 mins from me , another answer to prayer!!!!

Each of you who have prayed for me and my family I thank you deeply from my heart and praise God for you !!! I also, am praying for your needs as you ask me as well.

I love you saints, and now that you have toiled with me and laboured we can REJOICE together as Jesus opens doors for us, amen???

Thank you Kindly

I love you Jesus !!!!!

Love Joyce (Received on Thursday June 1st, 2000)