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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
A Call from God

I was an atheist. My father was a Major in the Polish Army and my mother was a nominal Catholic.

In the year 1987, I had to escape from Poland. I had done so many stupid things in my life and I wanted to run away as far as it was possible.

I went to Norway, and after 6 weeks went to Denmark. My life collapsed, and I wanted to commit suicide. Long story. Finally, I said: Jesus if you really exist, please help me. A few minutes later (it was 4 a.m.) a man appeared, and asked me a strange question.

What are you doing here? He was a Muslim, from Jordan, but had been living in Sweden for the last few years. I finally decided to go with him to Sweden, although I never had any desire to go there.

The next day he took me to a Baptist church in the town and for the first time I saw a church different from the Catholic one.

I was not interested in it, but something happened in me.

After a few months, that same man robbed me from all my money, $1500, and kicked me out from his home. Many problems! After that, some people helped me get a flat, and at Christmas I was invited for supper for lonely people. I went there, and I met a Polish lady. She told me how she received a polish Bible “for free” from the pastor. So I asked the pastor for a free Bible! (In those days I would not pay for such a book!!)

He hesitated, but he said yes.

A few weeks later, I was invited for a meeting in one of the houses and when I entered the house, they said: Jacek we have something special for you.

I thought it would be a car – it was winter, lots of snow, and I had to ride my bike!

Unfortunately, it was not a car; it was a Bible in Polish.

That day become a crucial day of my whole life. On that particular day they had ‘communion’. I opened the Bible and I read that many are sick, and weak, etc because they mistreated the communion. The fear of the Lord was upon me. I knew that if I touched the bread and wine, I would surely die. I saw my whole life in a matter of a few seconds. I did not want to go to take the bread and wine, but some angelic force pushed me off the chair, against my will. With tear in my eyes, I went to the table, and … after that I heard a voice: ‘Go and say thank you to the pastor for the Bible’.

I went but I could not stop weeping.

I cried for at least 1,5 hour. I saw my dirty life. Something changed in me. I did not know, what had happened.

Long story…. I went home. On the way home, I cried, laughed, ran, walked, and danced! I was literally flying.

On that day, 16th of February 1988, God Almighty spoke to me. He said, ‘ I am calling you to the ministry – in English!

In those days I had only been speaking English no longer than 3 months. I did not understand what ‘Ministry’ meant and when I looked up the word in the dictionary, then I realize it meant ‘priest’. I said ‘NO WAY!

I argued with God that I wanted marry, and I loved life, and in no way was I going to be a priest!

For 3 months I read the Bible 10-12 hours every day, I also watched a lot of videos. One of the videos was with the German evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke in Africa.

At 4 am I was still watching it, when I heard a voice.

‘How long do I have to wait with the gift I have for you?’

I went immediately to bed, I thought I had gone crazy!

The following morning whilst taking my shower, I became paralysed. Then, I heard a small voice,

‘Do not be afraid, it is Me who is talking to you’.

Naked and still wait, I dropped on the floor and started to cry. (Long story………. )

The next day was Sunday and we had a guest speaker in the church, an American evangelist. Before going to church I said to God if it was Him speaking to me then He had to confirm it in the meeting.

The ‘first sentence’, which the evangelist spoke out, was the exact same words I had heard 8 hours earlier! I started to weep. I knew it was God.

At the end of that day I lifted up my arms and I said (not knowing anything about covenant)’Lord, everything I have I am giving you, and what ever you have I am receiving.’ After that I ate, and I wrote 15-20 long letters by hand, explaining my new way of life with God and my commitment to serve Him.

(I’ve left out many things!)

Finally, I went to Bible school in Sweden, with signs and wonders, and after one year in 1988/1989 I went to Norway. God showed me 6 months earlier in an open vision a ship with many Americans on it (although it was a Norwegian vessel).

In the vision I was the only one who knew the Lord, and the ship was in trouble – a hurricane.

So after the school I went to Oslo. Police gave me 5 minutes to leave Oslo, but I knew that God had sent me there. So I prayed. I picked up a magazine and I saw an advert:

‘English speaking waiter needed onboard a cruise ship’.

That advert jumped out from the page. I knew it was the job I had to get.

[By the way, I was trained in gastronomy. I had worked in the best restaurant in Poland. I spoke German, French, Russian, Italian, Swedish and a little English in those days. ]

A loooonnnnggggg story, but I got the job – It was a miracle!

Keep in mind that I was from the East block! There was no other person on that ship from such countries.

I started to witness to people on board the ship. Passengers – American millionaires.

I became the best bar waiter, after I became the best bar tender and finally I became the bar manager of all bars.

One day as we were sailing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the captain gave a disturbing announcement. He informed us that we were heading into a strong hurricane and that we were in God’s hand. The ship was only 10 000 tons, it was pretty small. It was like a cork bobbing frantically in the water!

I went up on deck and I started to pray just like Jesus.

‘Peace, I commanded’. ‘ Hurricane, I command you to leave our route.’

After 1 hour the captain said, the hurricane had changed direction, and we were saved. Praise God.

I new it was the end of my mission on that ship.

In the mean time I had been praying for an English speaking wife. God miraculously put us together (another long story).

We have been married for 10 ½ years and we have a wonderful 8 year old son, called Isaac.

After leaving the ship, we went to England to see Wendy’s family. After that, we went to Poland for 3 months, to see my family.

Finally, we got married and wanted to go one more time on the ship to get some money for a house.

Well, I was given an offer of a contract but Wendy wasn’t allowed to work on the same ship.

So, we decided to stay in Poland. I started to look for a good church.

One day our young Christian neighbour said that she had heard about some people like us. So I invited them home. They were from the Pentecostal church. After hours of witnessing to them, they invited me to their church and asked me to give my testimony.

Since that day I haven’t stopped preaching!

After some time, we went to Szczecin (in the North- East of Poland). It is a City of 500,000. During our first visit to the City by train God said so clearly that we would be living here for some time.

Six months later we moved to that city. After another six 6 months we started a new church, called “Christ for All”.

During the last 6 years, we have registered 6 more congregations in different parts of Poland.

Together with a team of brothers we started a Bible School 5 years ago, with 30 teachers.

God was and is so good to us. We started with nothing, and after 10 years we see how he has led us to this place. We have multiplied ourselves in many leaders, and now we feel it is time to move on.

This time we go to an English-speaking country. Although my wife is British, God has put into our hearts the USA. (Chicago)

So, in 9 days time we go together as a family to spy out the land and to prepare the necessary documents. Hopefully, in a few months time we will go to start a brand new church.

Well, I have tried to summarize my testimony as much as possible but it still looks very winded! Sorry!!

Please think of us in your prayers. We have to take some big steps of faith. But it is reassuring to now that ‘with God all things are possible’.

God bless you.

Love Jacek, Wendy and Isaac Wheadon.

Jacek Wheadon (Received in Thursday April 18, 2002)