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A Note

How awesome a God do we serve! One who reveals Himself in the most mystical ways!

June 04: CT Scan showed kidney/gall bladder stones. Ultrasound, October, nothing! Yet a treatment indicated that there was something seriously wrong as it worked “to give me the benefit of the doubt” by my urologist, to whom my primary care doctor sent me. There is much to be learned from new treatments in this field which are non-invasive.

I was extremely ill from Sep 17 to Nov 19, but couldn’t be treated because testing was being done of numerous kinds. Every test was negative. The frustration and exhaustion was taking its toll, and I didn’t have the energy to do anything but what I absolutely had to, and offline, most of the time. Too ill to sit and write as I am, now. I wasn’t eating and lost almost 20 lbs – not a fun way to do this! Last night was the first full night’s sleep I’ve had since I became ill. The pain was excruciating – abdominally, side ways and under my right rib cage.

I lived off Tylenol and my allergy medication which wasn’t working.

Then one day, I “FOUND a NOTE’ which stated I’d been treated for a serious intestinal condition called, “H-Pylori” twice within two to three years. Recollecting the excruciating pain and nausea, sleeplessness, the symptoms became real and identifiable with that of years past.

I was started on a regiment of medications, and sick as I was to take them because they upset my system, within a week I began to see a difference.

God is one of mysticism and His ways are filled with mystery. How could I possibly find a “note” from years past and recollect the same symptoms at a time when tests were showing nothing?

I was having palpitations to as high as 107, and I didn’t know how to take my pulse but my heart was racing one evening after seeing the doctor. Not wanting to upset my husband with his forthcoming carotid surgery, I called the doctor’s office. The assistant taught me how to take my pulse. It was nearing 107. Medication was sent, and it controlled it. Heart tests of the most sophisticated kinds were done from San Francisco. NOTHING was found, three weeks later!

I was gasping for air because I have allergies/asthma. A bottle of prescription which I had neglected to check, drew my attention. I called the pharmacy and learned it needed to be taken on an empty stomach. For the last two days I can breathe normally.

The intestinal infection is being contained.

The doctor sees me in three months.

Some of these things could not have happened by accident or coincidence. Providence definitely played a part in all of it.

And, as much suffering as I went through, I am willing to have my body broken into tiny pieces so that He can restore my spirit and put me back together.

As we began to leave our doctor’s office, I said: “You call us the miracle couple. The miracle is the faith you keep in God as you carry Him in your heart.”

Remember St Paul when he said something like this:

“I ran a good race;I fought a good fight;I kept the faith.”

Always tell yourselves when you hit the point I did, when frustration sets in that God is walking the walk with you and entrust your cares totally onto Him, for I know that these among many other incidents came directly from Him.

I finally seek Him to break my body into tiny little pieces so that my spirit can be strengthened and put together by His Holy Spirit.

Every agonizing pain, discomfort, sleepless night I said: “Lord, I offer you my sufferings in reparation for my sins and thank you for your Presence in my Life.”

Each time you face such challenges, pray for your doctors so that God will make His Presence know, and ask Our Lord, “Make your presence known” in the name of Jesus and see His miracles as you wait for His answer in His own time and see what majesty a King we serve.

Entrusting our lives totally to Him is very hard to do in the flesh. But as we learn to live in the Word, Prayer, Meditation, and Spirit, our world transcends to a time and place we’ve never been taken before, and we can feel His loving comfort and embracing of our hearts and struggles.

Fear, doubt anxiety, worry and even sickness doesn’t come from God. Fear is Satan’s way of destroying our faith. And, during the most difficult of times, we cannot give up our faith for that is where we connect with a Father who constantly watches over us with His unconditional love, our Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Thank you for your generous hearts in praying and understanding when I wasn’t able physically or emotionally to be online, yet you wrote me comforting words and prayers. And, know that each one was responded to by my own in my dawn hours as I shared with my God and yours seeking His Holy Spirit to come into my life and give me the gifts of patience, endurance, perseverance, and discernment. I prayed for Him to inspire our doctors, and as I went into their offices or to labs, I invoked that same request: “Lord, make your Presence known.”

I shall forever be grateful. I’m back on meds after three days, and know that I will get better. But what amazes me is how I found that note which helped the infection to be identifiable and contained just as I was in agony and pain without looking for it!. Nothing is coincidental nor accidental but Providential. I recognized the same symptoms, and back tracked to two times through the years when I had been treated for the very same ones.

All thing are possible through God for those who believe in the name of Jesus Christ, and this is but the tip of the iceberg.