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A Street Called Shea

I am sitting here right now in complete and absolute AWE! On my way from work and on my way to work, I cross a street called “Shea.” I don’t know anyone who lives on that street, so I really never gave it much thought, but for the past week for some reason every time I came to the intersection of Shea, I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray for this street!

“PRAY FOR THIS STREET SHEA? – Lord, what in the world? Why would I pray for a STREET?!” None the less, every day, twice a day, I would ask God to fill the street with his Holy Spirit, to bless the street and keep the street (?). I don’t question the Lord. I didn’t even think about it much, except to just do as the Lord instructed. No feeling of doom, or anything, just pray for the street called Shea every time I came to it!

Yesterday morning at 3:00 a.m. I was suddenly woken from a very deep sleep. The Holy Spirit said “Get up and Pray.” I thought, “But, I’m tired, it’s Sunday, I want to sleep little while longer Lord.” Again, I was told, “GET UP AND PRAY” So I did. And I said, Lord what do I pray about right now? What is it you want me to pray about in the middle of the night? (I was kind of grouchy – thank goodness he loves us so much!) The Holy Spirit laid my 22 year old son, Eric on my heart very heavily. Again, no feeling of doom, no worry. Just pray for him. I did this for about an hour, when I knew it was ok to go back to bed.

My son, who is a computer engineer by profession, was sound asleep in his bed. He had an early morning match that he was going to be at by 6:30 am that morning. My son is very competitive in Sports and frequently competes on the weekends very early in the morning. I went back to sleep and at 6:55 the phone rang. My husband answered – I already knew what had happened, I already knew why I was told to “GET UP AND PRAY.” My precious only son had been in a terrible car accident and was taken to the trauma unit with head injuries. You see, his head went through the windshield. His chest hit the steering wheel so hard, it was bent horizontally with the dash board. The next words were “Could you come to the hospital right away?” There was another lady involved in the accident, who had been injured even worse they told me.

Apparently both cars were totalled. Our six year old daughter was still sound asleep in her bed. My husband started to get dressed and I said, “No, please stay with her, I’m going to go alone, I need to be alone with my Father now.” I prayed at the top of my voice all the way to the hospital. When I arrived, the triage nurse told me that they had him in X-ray doing an MRI. He had taken quite a blow to the head and chest and they just didn’t know anything yet. For two hours, I paced and I prayed. I prayed out loud. I didn’t care what anyone thought. A lady in the emergency room started to cry and had to leave. I prayed that my pleas to my father had touched her heart. Soon, a feeling of peace came over me, I just relaxed and left my son in my Fathers hands. I was called to the room where he was laying and he took one look at me and said, “Mom, I’m ok. I don’t how, but I’m ok – can we go home now?” I jut broke down in tears and started praising the Lord. Soon the Doctors came in and said, “We don’t know how or why, but we can’t even find a bruise on him!

He can go home now.!” PRAISE THE LORD!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! As we were preparing to leave, my son asked how the other lady involved was doing, he was quite worried about her. A police officer appeared in the room and started handing us all the info we would need for the insurance company. My son asked the officer about the lady and he said, “Oh, by the grace of God, she’s ok and going home today, just like you!” PRAISE THE LORD! I couldn’t get through a single day without him!

P. S. By the way, the accident happened on Shea Street.

Penny (Received on Monday March 19, 2001)