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Better Plans

I know many of you have been praying for my family, we are the ones who were buying the manufactured home and we had to get approval for our dogs to be accepted into the park where this home was located (the lord gave us that request \O/). Then if you remember we were having problems after the bank that approved us fell through and shut down, so then we were praying for another approval.

The truth is it still hasn’t had an approval yet but I believe that God had another plan…we needed to be out of the rental we are in now by OCT 1st which is past due, we gave the banks until last Friday to get something done or we were going to look for another rental which is very hard to find her in Cal with two dogs….

Praise the Lord we got a home a half a block from my son’s school, it is bigger then what we were going to buy, the rent is in our price range, both dogs are allowed, and I even get to repaint the place in the colors I want, it is a perfect place for us and the dogs (they have a huge yard).

The Lord knew this house wouldn’t be ready for rent until Saturday, we wouldn’t have found it a month ago when we were looking for a place, as it stand it wasn’t going to be ready for rent until Nov 1st but the Landlord agree to let us have it now if we would do the painting for him. Another thing it is right next door to my son’s close friend she came over last night and told us she was surprised he let us take down the paneling and paint because he wouldn’t let the other tenants do anything, the thing is we prayed before hand about this because it was that dark ugly panel that was in style 20 years ago…so again answered prayers.

Thanks again for praying with us on this whole situation, God may not answer like we think he should but he always does sometimes He has a better plan and reasons and we are to TRUST HIM I am telling you I have learn so much from this experience what ever your going through at the moment know that God hears our prayers and He is all knowing and trust worthy. Dawn (Received on Sunday October 8, 2000)