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Côte d’Ivoire

We received the following prayer request: “Please pray for the country of Cote d’Ivoire as it is in times of political turbulence! Some of these incidents were just a few kilometres from our home! And there were and are many other things going on that the press didn’t write about.

Three large grocery stores in our area of town were vandalized and robbed by the soldiers, who were also shooting their automatic weapons in the air in the parking lots. Many people lost their expensive cars today, as the soldiers took them by force.

The TV and Radio stations were closed down by force, and many soldiers were in the downtown area shooting their weapons in the air and and shouting and carrying on! Daniel and I had just come home a little bit before all of this began!

It has a lot to do with the current political situation, but is probably mainly because the soldiers have not received all of their pay!

In Christ”


We received the answer to that prayer request on Monday December 27, 1999)

“Thank you all for your prayers for us!

The Lord is faithful, and we have been protected from all harm! We stayed home during the last 4 days, but we had plenty of food on hand to last that time! During the whole time, the electricity and water were not cut and the phones were only cut half the day Friday. Many businesses and homes were robbed and vandalized, some even burnt to the ground- mainly those of foreigners. Many people were hurt. But we were protected by the Lord and we are so thankful for your prayers!

Today Daniel and I had to go out into the city to do some business. Life was basically normal, except that we saw just how much damage had been done in the rioting… it was terrible. And we were not even in the worst areas.

SO please be praying for all of the people here that were effected by this. MANY people lost everything they owned: their cars, homes, businesses, etc…

And please be praying for the new government of this country to make wise, godly decisions, that would affect this country positively for the Kingdom of God! The new self-appointed leader, General Guei, has promised to set up another democratic election ASAP. This could take months, and during this time, there will be some form of martial law, so please pray that no rules against open-air public meetings will be passed!

Generally, the people of Cote d’Ivoire are very happy at the recent turn of events, as the last President never allowed any real opposition in the elections…and was working along the same lines for the upcoming election next October. We are thankful that no matter what happens, God is in control!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as the spirit of lawlessness has not yet been put back under the fear of the law!!

In Christ,”