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A month or so ago we were asked to pray for healing “my son , who is 17 yrs. Old and in ARMY basic training right now. He hurt his shoulder a few weeks back and now they tell him that he has a 40% chance of even graduating and even 2% chance of going into the job he wanted so badly in order to serve our country. He has bone chips in the socket around the shoulder and a hairline fracture.” This mother was concerned her son would not be able to graduate.

Here is the answer to a dear prayer request: “Just wanted to let you know , my son is home on leave from the ARMY now. He did graduate the 12th after all his troubles. Come Sept. 19 , he goes to Korea then and can’t even come back stateside until sometime next year (if possible)”

Susie Praise to God for taking care of His children! August 1999.