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Hurricane Floyd

This was sent to our subscribers on Monday September 13, 1999 8:01 PM.:

“Dear friend,

My subscribers from Florida are concerned about the hurricane threatening them. Prayers have been asked on their behalf. Here is a letter from one of them:

“Dear Robert we are very scared even the computers are not able to figure this one out. They said plainly it is the most terrible hurricane ever. Five times bigger than Andrew that devastated our area. Eric and I are alone and I do not have storm shutters with all the other problems I could not afford them. Please let the prayer chain know. Thank you Raysa”

Please pray for protection for all the people living in Florida. Thanks.”

The answer was given on Thursday September 16, 1999.

“There was a request send out last Monday that we all pray for the safety of the people in Florida from the threat of Hurricane Floyd. I want to thank each of you for praying about this, and your prayers have once again made a difference. As you know Hurricane Floyd never hit Florida, and by the time it hit the Carolinas, it had been downgraded to a tropical storm. With God anything is possible!!! “Thanks to the Lord! Thanks Rob. The hurricane is past us.” Dave”

“Please let me share with you and with all our brothers and sisters the miracle of hurricane Floyd. Last Sunday we were preparing for a storm and of course we were very concerned because it was getting to be a category 4.

The computers were giving different tracks. One of course was South Florida were we live. Another was that it may go north if a front that was in the middle of the country will get here at the precise time and was strong enough to deviate its course north. It was getting stronger and we were told that we may wake up Monday a.m. to be on hurricane watch zone.

Monday as we drove to work everybody had a worried look and were driving fast even for Miami. At noon I was getting calls from my niece Lissette. She was getting very worried. The news were bad. The hurricane was so bad that the experts were saying that they could not predict how it will impact us because they never had dealt with a hurricane of such intensity and that they could not even locate it precisely in the computers. They were saying that although we should not panic expect the worse. Five time bigger that Andrew and stronger… no we could not escape it. The area will cover the whole state so even if the eye of the hurricane was in West Palm we will get it because of the huge radio around it. It was getting stronger. Monday afternoon. Leave work quick. It so strong that even if the front get here it will hit us direct almost for sure. It is like stopping a train. This is verbatim.

We go home and everybody is trying to board up and or put the shutters. Evacuation began. If we do not prepare that night, there is no hope. It will get here by am. Again even if we do not get the worse it will be bad enough…for the front to have an effect on it…well it will have to get at exactly the right time and have exactly the right impact on the storm…we will have to keep watching .. but folks prepare for the worse. By am forecast…moving a tiny bit north…but folks this storm have been doing that and then keeps moving again west… pray. Wind of 115 miles will begin by mid morning….by midmorning…everything is quiet…it may get really bad this afternoon…but is moving toward north…folks we are really worried about Palm Beach we are now in Hurricane warning one….it is moving north …but is going to hit Florida anyway… late Monday…kept moving off shore…and is getting weaker …the monster left Florida with minimum impact…we never got any major winds in Miami.

I knelt down and praise the Lord and His Precious Blood and bless all our brothers and sisters who prayed for us. The Lord is Mighty and the Lord is in control even when terrible dangers external or internal threaten us. Praise Him . He listens to our prayers and he cares. And where are two praying in My Name I will be there. Even if it is in the Internet. God bless you wherever you are.

Love Raysa, Lourdes and Hilda”