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lighthouse (Peggy's Cove, east coast Canada).
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Thank you for your note and is much appreciated, please add Jerry to the list, He came to church last Sabbath for the first time at Harrisville, seen him today (Thursday) and wants to come again, but is finding the smokes hard to give up.

Here is Jerry’s story, you have my permission to use it if you like.

Two weeks ago some folk dropped in after coming back from outreach work in Western Queensland, Australia. We talked about people having a hard time in making a real commitment to the Lord and as they left we had a season of prayer and talked about Jerry and prayed for him.

The next day Monday, I was late for our kids athletics training, the reason being I was at the hospital and then shopping and finally the local fruit market but when I drove into the school street there was Jerry coming out of his house and followed me to the school. He came up to me and asked, “what time does your service start on Saturday” Well I nearly fell over. Just yesterday we had a season of prayer and asked the Lord to lead in Jerry’s life and then the next day he wanted to know about the service. He was in church last Sabbath when we had foot washing and communion service. What an answer to prayer.

Clive (Received on Thursday April 20, 2000)