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Let Me Help You

Today is the 2nd of September. Very hot, humid and a very busy day for those of us that nurse mentally challenged seniors. I happened to be the “chosen one” delegated to do special purchases for housebound patients during break time.

That being the case, I rushed through the supermarket picking up a thing or two from the patient list. I finished quickly and called a cab. The wait was 20 minutes so I waited at the cab stop, under the hot sun praying for my ride to come soon. It did come, but my bags were quite heavy. Milk, juice, ice cream, fruits, veggies’d wonder how I had shopped in only 30 minutes. Anyway, as I looked around wondering how to lug my loot to the cab curb, a tall olive-skinned middle eastern woman with a heavy accent, picked up my bags and said “Let me help you.” She picked them all up in one swoop and deposited them in the trunk of the cab. “Thank you.” “Thank you.”. I said. Her response was a big toothy smile and a ” Jesus loves you.”. “Jesus loves you too,” I answered as she quickly vanished into the sunshine. “What is your name?” I called out into the vacuum. ” “Aziz!” Her voice answered. ” God bless you Aziz.”. I called out again but she was gone.

Tonight I just found out what Aziz meant. In Arabic it means strong, powerful, “beloved.”

How beloved we are of God; He came through for us then. He comes through for us each and every time. John3:16

Love in Jesus

Candy Araneta