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No More Than a Vegetable

When Bob got out of the hospital the Nurse said that he would not get any better. He was not much more than a vegetable. He couldn’t hardly talk, all he could do is moan continually. He had lost all of his strength. For any one that didn’t know, Bob lost about all of his blood two or three times due to a bleeding ulcer.

I asked prayer for him at Brother Swains Church. They suggested that I give him a prayer cloth that the church prayed for. I took it to the hospital and give it to him. He was just barely in there, but he took it and held on to it. They then sent him home as there was nothing more they could do for him.

Two weeks had passed, when we just went over there last night, and guess what HE’S A NEW MAN!!!! He can get up by his self and walk to the bathroom (with his walker). He can carry on a good conversation and was very alert. He is eating now and his strength is coming back. There is another example that JESUS can overcome the world, and that anyone, sinner or saved can receive the mighty healing power of my wonderful Savior. Bob hasn’t been inside of a church in many years. GOD WANTS TO GIVE HIM A SECOND CHANCE! Please read this and take it to your heart, for this might be your LAST call. Love

Jim Griffith (Received on Thursday December 6, 2001)