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Railroad Spikes

This morning my daughter, Angie, and I were talking about how hard it is sometimes to lead another to see their need for Jesus in their own life…like talking to a wall…falling on deaf ears! She told me that one of her coworkers shared with her something he had done that really impacted his friend. Mark had tried numerous approaches with his friend, Chris, all to no avail.

So after work one day, Mark went to the railroad stockyards and found a few railroad spikes. The next day, when he saw Chris, he showed him the spikes and handed them to Chris to feel how heavy they really were. As Chris was sizing them up and feeling the weight of them in his hands, Mark said to him, “Ya know, I’m pretty sure Jesus called out the name Chris right before the soldiers drove those spikes into Him.” At that moment, the spikes clattered to the ground as Chris dropped to his knees right there and asked Jesus into his life! (Thank you Mark for loving your friend soooo much!)

We just never really know who may be touched by Our Lord because of something we say or do! Never give up on your unsaved loved ones…never. May you be richly blessed by Our Loving Lord today.

Love in Him, CJ (Received on Thursday April 27,2000)