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Running Out of Gas

My Testimony for Saturday morning. I was headed out the door late for work Friday Morning and when I started down the road my car started coughing and sputtering, and of course feeling illish I really didn’t feel up to dealing with my car in the icy cold weather, you know the kind where you see your own breath. Well, it was fizzling out on me and I happen to remember that I didn’t put gas in the car and I was running out of gas. I live a ways away from the gas station.

Well, I drove my spitting and sputtering card down the road with it cutting out and managed to pull in to the gas station. I got up to the pump and the car quit entirely. I was completely out of gas. I filled my little tiny tank and turned the key a few times because I had to prime it a little and get gas back up through the lines and varooooom I was up and going and off to work I went in my nice warm cozy car that never coughed, sputtered, done any cutting out after the fill up. God is so good. I reflected on that a lot today just about the time I am running out….God comes along and fills me up even if it is from my own negligence for not getting fueled like I need to!

Good Morning. Melanie

P. S. Isn’t this the same with our Spiritual life? We sputter and cough and have a hard time to go on, starting to doubt about our destiny. If we just let ourselves be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and feed from His Word, the going would be going smoothly again.

Rob Chaffart (Received on Saturday January 26, 2002)