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Salvation to an Alcoholic

I recently had an answer to prayer. My husband has accepted Jesus as his Saviour. He has been an alcoholic most of his life. He is 58 years old. We have had a rough life because of his drinking. I left him one time. We went back together, but it seemed that he was still the same as when I left.

I stuck to him (I don’t know how0. I got to the end of my rope and I could not take anymore. I got to the place where I did not know where to turn. I told the Lord that He will have to do something. It came to my mind to take some oil and anoint the places where he touches-his chair, his bed, the front door. Then I prayed as I anointed those places. Then I said whatever it takes.

I went about my business and forgot about my situation. It was now in God’s hands. I went to a festival in the park. When I returned home that day, my husband was not at home. My thoughts were that he was off drinking again.

I did not have much time to think about it because my telephone was ringing when I got in the house. It was the hospital. A nurse was calling me to tell me that my husband was in the hospital.

They would not tell me what was wrong; they would only tell me that he wanted me to bring his glasses. I knew then that it could not be too serious because he was talking.

He had a few mini strokes and his heart was irregular heart beat. The docs were more concerned about his heart than the stroke. Since his illness, my husband has been scared. He is afraid to drink or smoke.

This is what it took to get him to stop drinking and smoking. He has not drank anything or smoked since he had the attack. That has been over 2 months now. I can tell you that God is still in business.

My husband stood and testified that he did not have to lean on the bottle anymore. He had God to lean on. Those words were the most beautiful words that I have heard in a long time. Thank the Lord that he still can save an alcoholic. I can not praise Him enough for what He has done for my husband and me. Hallelujah!!” Linda , August 1999.