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Spare Key

This is a very simple little story and maybe some would think it isn’t worth sharing but — One morning, everyone had their jobs to do to make the day go smoothly. My job was to take my grandson to Kindergarten.

We were all ready to go when I discovered my car key was missing. Oh, dear. Now what?. I searched the usual places – my purse, the car seat, my pockets. No keys. My daughter-in-law hustled us all into her car so the little boy wouldn’t be late for school. Before she started up the car, though, she suggested we have prayer and she simply asked God to make our day go smoothly and that the missing keys would not cause me too much stress. After the Amen, she backed out of the drive way and we were on our way. God works in mysterious ways and so it was.

Suddenly, I remembered that I have a spare key in my wallet. I had forgotten all about having that key, even though my daughter-in-law asked me about it earlier. But, never-the-less, God spoke to me and reminded me about that key.

Yes, it was an unimportant thing measured with the really big things we pray about but God cares about the little things, too. Jesus told us his Father sees the little sparrow fall. Praise God! We worship a wonderful Savior.

Wynona Gordon (Received on Sunday March 12, 2000)