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The Best Father’s Day Present Possible

Mark was facing separation and an impossible reconciliation with his wife. Our Lord answered his prayer miraculously. He wrote just a week ago this following request:

“I would desperately request that the Family of God hold myself and my wife, Chryss up in prayer to intercede that she return home to me and we reconcile our marriage. I am in great pain over the loss of my wife and miss her terribly. I would ask that God bring conviction in her heart and trials and judgments into her life to turn her back from going into darkness and sin and turn her heart toward home.”

Here is God’s answer to his prayer: “GREAT NEWS!!! I spoke with Chryss today at church . . . We will be reconciling!!! It is going to take a lot of prayer and forgiveness to bring healing and restoration to everyone in the family, but I know that I know that Chryss and I will last forever. And she also knows and professed this reality as well. Our vows to God and each other are forever with no back doors or escape clauses.

God has given me the best Father’s Day present I could have ever asked for! God brought her to me this morning and now there is no doubt in either of our hearts that we will remain together for the rest of our lives. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing my cries and answering when I cried out to you. Thank you my Brother and the Family for holding us up before the Throne of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is so good to us.

I would still request that you and the Family continue to lift us up as we go through this time of healing, reconciliation and counseling. ” Mark, , June 1999.