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The Old Man

I started this job where I now work about three and one half years ago because of a telephone call that I had received from a dear brother in Christ, I had committed my life to Jesus much earlier in life but I look back and see that a real commitment was not there for many years.

I started this job like I said and found it to be a long drive from home so I found me a good radio station to listen to (Gospel) and one morning about six months after I began work here the preacher was preaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and why people fail to receive , I could feel the presents of the Lord and asked Him for this great gift , well I thought I was doing something wrong because it did not happen.

The next morning I turned on the radio and was listening to an old song that I knew very well and began to sing with it, again the Lord was present, as the song went off I kept on worshiping and praising His mighty name and for the next two weeks the Lord bathed me in the Holy Spirit, this was the most awesome experience that I have ever had except for my Salvation, it wasn’t until the second week that the Lord gave me my prayer language (unknown Tongues) and the Lord began to lay something upon my heart, He asked me if I wanted Him to make His will my own no matter what the cost and in a moments time gave me understanding of the cost, I said yes to Jesus and my life has not nor can ever be the same again . He has used me several times where I work, He saved seven so far, My Foreman is a Christian, my supervisor, my superintendent also and four more workers that I work close to .

Yesterday I was used again by the Lord Jesus in a way that I have never been used before , There is this old man who’s name I will not reveal, who comes over to our building to drink coffee and tell stories , while telling these stories he uses a very crud language and also uses God’s name in vein , Yesterday we all left the building to start work at seven o’clock and around 7:30 am the Lord told me that the old man would cross the road today and that He would give me a word for him and I asked Him what would this word be Lord, nothing was revealed to me at this time around 8:30 I looked up to see if the old man was coming and saw two of my friends standing across the road by a water cooler when the Lord prompted me to call them over and tell them what the Lord was up to so I did, one of them asked me what was the word , I told him that I asked the Lord many times and I got no reply, they asked what will you do and I told them I will do what the Lord had asked and just trust Him for the rest.

I finished my work for the morning and walked over to a work table where I again seen my two friends, we began talking and another friend came up that knew nothing of this matter , we talked until around 11:00 am and I looked up and saw the old man crossing the road ( first time in the 3 ½ years I have been there) He walked straight up to us and started talking to the friend who knew nothing of the matter , He used the Lords name in vein and the Lord did not prompt me, He did the same a second time and still nothing when he used the Lords name in vein the third time the Lord opened my mouth and the words just came out, “ Would you curse a man you did not know ?” the old man replied no, “Why then do you curse God? The man hung his head in shame looked back at me and said your right, one day I will have to apologize for that, I told him, friend we are not promised tomorrow , I then turned and walked away leaving them to talk to each other.

The old man went home at his regular time around 1:30pm and I went back to my building where I began thanking the Lord for what he had done, the Lord spoke to me again saying he had another word for this man for tomorrow and He instructed me to tell the man what had taken place this day and told me that is why He supplied the two witnesses, to give testimony to the man so that he could believe, then the word came to me, saying For many years you have walked upon my soil , breathed my air, you have eaten my food and drank of my water, you have enjoyed the things of this earth and you have done all these things with a well body that I have provided you, you have not seen the love nor have you seen the cost of your Salvation, today I will reveal my love to your eyes and I will give you ears to hear , you will know my mercy and my love.

Today I took this word to the old man and before I finished I looked into his eyes and saw the tears streaming down his face, when I had finished he told me as soon as he could he was giving his life to the Lord, I told him friend like I said before we are not promised tomorrow and asked him if I could lead him in the sinners prayer, he agreed , the old man is now a new man, the Lord had His will done in this mans life.

God waste no movement at all when He moves, in one sweep of His hand he made my faith rise to a new level and two of my friend also, He also used a man unknowingly and saved another from death . God is trying to use so many of us but we are not listening for His voice, we are too caught up in the things of this world and everyday life, it is time to lay aside self and lift up the sweet sweet name of Jesus. He walked the old man hand in hand across that road while the man cursed Him but still He showed nothing but love for him.

After all the work of the Lord was done He came to me again saying, “ The earth did not fall off it’s axis nor did the birds fall from their flight , the moon still serves the earth in it’s purpose .I am a Great God who hold all things in place and I take the time to save one more.

I trembled where I stood, I felt God’s mighty presents so strong I felt I could touch Him. It is night now and I am still in awe of my God and I will never forget this day. We only scratch the surface of knowing His mightiness , He has so much to show us yet and I feel there is so little time to see it all.

As you can gather from what I have told you, God is very much in control, why do we doubt when we are in the middle of a situation, why can’t we see that He alone is shaping us and molding us with these very situations that He allowed to be, the next time you find yourself in a situation , start praising God for what He is doing and He will reveal Himself in the middle of it all, and in control. There is no situation too big for our God .

I trust God to reach out and touch the ones who desire His touch as you read this letter , I pray that it encourages many to seek God for a closer walk and when He ask, “ would you have me make your will my will no matter what the cost, I pray you will answer O yes Lord Jesus Yes. (Received on Sunday January 20, 2002)