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The Ventilator

I have such an awesome testimony for you that you could share. Its about a week today that my wife’s mum was admitted into hospital via trauma unit. She was unable to breathe and when she taken in. And by the time the drs and nurses attended to her she needed to be shocked as her heart rate dropped and she was kicking and screaming cos she could not get air in. They subsequently put her on the ventilator to assist in breathing. She was unable to breathe on her own and the machine kept her alive and breathing. And I have awesome news about the truth in our God and His promises cos when we went to see her exactly a week ago, we anointed her with oil and prayed over her declaring Gods promises regarding sickness, we declared healing in her body and shared Holy communion at home for her the whole week and by the second day the reduced the sedation medication, and by Wednesday last week the changed the mode of the ventilator, in which she was breathing on her own and the machine assisted her when needed. By Friday, she was talking to us and laughing almost normal self, all tubes, machines drips, oxygen masks, were removed and the ventilator too. She was breathing on her own. Saturday she looked as though there was nothing wrong and even asked for something to drink. When we go there yesterday we were shocked not to find her in the ward(HCU/ICU) and found out she was moved to a normal ward. Praise JESUS!!! They have started giving her liquid meals and she is on the way to a miracle recovery. I saw Gods power in action this past week, and I give HIM all the glory for He is faithful to HIS word. Thank you Jesus!!!!! Jehovah Raphe has brought about healing in my wife’s mum and I cant praise HIM enough for what HE has done!!!! What we saw and taught that she may not make it, but Gods word and power is far from what we can even understand or imagine. For us this was another resurrection like HE did for Lazarus.

Louis Papayya (Received on September 8, 2014)